What are Qusomes® and how do they work?

The QuSomes technology is a patented, breakthrough delivery system that enables all the wonderful ingredients in each formula to work better, faster, and over a longer period of time. QuSomes are like microscopic water balloons that are 1/50th the diameter of a strand of hair and are made up of multiple layers. Each time a layer is absorbed by the skin it exposes another layer. Buried in those layers are millions of molecules of water as well as all the nutrients and beneficial ingredients. So instead of sitting on the surface of your skin, only to be washed away, the QuSomes deliver the nutrients into the deepest’ layers of the skin. QuSomes have been scientifically shown to:

- Improve the pentration of ingredients through the
  surface layers of the skin.
- Deliver a greater concentration of the ingredients to the   lower levels of the skin.

"This product accelerates the hydration process of the skin by taking water deep into layers of the skin with QuSomes®."
Dr. Brian Keller
Creator of QuSomes®
Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific officer at BioZone Laboratories, Inc.
"This patented QuSomes® delivery system presents a breakthrough performance, allowing penetration of water to better enhance the skin."
Carl Kaplan
Consultant with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.